Active research and development at all levels to meet your technological and economic requirements

BIOVITIS isolated the protective role of willow for vines as early as 1999 and greatly contributed to the development of its use (Bertrand Sutre, Revue des Œnologues, special issue no. 149, 2013). Based on a new bibliography compiled in 2010, new protective natural plant solutions were tested on small plots of vines for three years, and then on strips of vines the following years, until the full range of natural preparations was produced and marketed in 2016.

The work resumed in 2017 to identify plants that could have an insecticidal effect. As a result, a solution is currently being developed by our R&D department.

Trials in arboriculture started in 2017 and are ongoing. The purpose of these tests is to find an effective solution for fighting against scab.

In the area of field crops, field screening similar to work done in viticulture identified useful plants in addition to the basic substances that had already been tested.

Each year, our R&D department optimizes the extraction-concentration-stabilization processes which ensure the optimal effectiveness and reproducibility of our extracts. This consistency is now recognized throughout France and in neighbouring countries.

Our packaging solutions have paved the way for multiple innovations that have set our products apart from pesticides, in response to requests from our users.

Our regulatory department ensures compliance with the expected outcomes for each use, crop, and country, based on independent test results.