BIOVITIS only uses natural plants compliant with requirements for medicinal and food uses to produce the plant extracts for basic substances, natural substances for biostimulant use, and biostimulants.

The methods used to obtain our infusions, decoctions and plant slurries are careful to respect the natural processes they maximize. No additives or preservatives are added. Physical stabilization is achieved by means of sterile manufacturing and packaging.

Best-before dates have been set at 18 months based on official food industry tests conducted by a laboratory specialized in microbiology, in compliance with COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation) methodology. The dates can be extended to 24 months based on microbiological analysis of the batch in question conducted in our laboratory.

The high concentrations of active ingredients obtained by BIOVITIS in its NATURAL EXTRACTS – up to 12 times as concentrated as traditional “infusions” – reflect the rigorous work that goes into selecting the most interesting plant varieties, drying them, packaging and storing them, and the extraction and stabilization procedures.

This is all made possible thanks to the circular economy programme we created with our plant provider partners, in which each member is committed to high quality standards.

Regular monitoring is performed throughout the entire manufacturing process:

  •  beforehand, on the selected raw materials (visual aspect, active ingredients, pesticide residue, etc.),
  •  during manufacturing: verification of extraction rates by monitoring specific indicators in the laboratory,
  •  afterwards, on finished products (concentration of active ingredients, microbiological analysis, resistance tests).

Complete traceability is ensured from batches of raw and dried materials to the finished product: each BIB is numbered!

All production and inventory processes are handled by software that is paired with the accounting and sales departments, which sales representatives can access remotely. This ensures full control of the flows and responsiveness to orders to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our products are made in France and do not generate any waste: all by-products are reused in agricultural products:

  •  plant slurry: Viviterre for the liquid fractions,
  •  compost: Dulciterre for the solid fractions.

Our preparations are packaged in BIBs, Pouch-up or Viscotainers using foldable cardboard for the hard component and recyclable and compressible PET bags to limit storage volumes. After use, none of the components require specific treatment and can easily be accepted at waste disposal sites. However, to facilitate the disposal of our packaging items, BIOVITIS has joined the ADIVALOR waste disposal chain.