« There is no country but man » Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

At BIOVITIS, we place man at the heart of our hopes for a common success.

Our team of independent advisors guides you from the establishment of your culture until harvest, favoring the itineraries adapted to your situation and to your objectives.

Our production and logistic team ensures delivery of natural products highly concentrated and meet your expectations of efficiency, as soon as possible.

Bertrand SUTRE, director, expert in plant protection.

Son of a Cognac winegrowers, advisor, former, experimenter for more than 25 years, Bertrand SUTRE has been nourished by the scientific experiments of all these years as much as the returns of the vineyard, in France and abroad. The development of alternative natural solutions to pesticides is one of his greatest satisfactions.

Maxime Rodriguez, agronomist and oenologist, is responsible of the technical items at BIOVITIS and is especially in charge of Médoc area great customers.

He brings a scientific rigor to the process of consulting, training and experimentation. He has a very good viticultural knowledge and a great vivacity of spirit that he puts at your service.

Maxime Timante is in charge of the Saint Emilion famous customers. His curiosity leads him to analyse everything in your vineyard to reach your goal.

Paul Jardin represents BIOVITIS among the professional markets in France.

His catching enthusiasm and his ability to synthesize ensure an effective technical development to serve your performance.

Jean Manuel Claverie is a preparer of natural products in Biovitis. With a long experience in agri-food products including organic, Jean Manuel puts his skills and professional confidence at the service of our production, for your greatest satisfaction.

Bernadette SUTRE is secretary at BIOVITIS. In charge of the administrative part, she plays a key role in the smooth running of the company by its rigor and dedication.

Our staff