Nature is sometimes generous, and man can extract the best for his needs. Based on this conviction, BIOVITIS team has tested the effectiveness of more than 20 plant extracts on vine diseases successfully from 2010 to 2013 according to the BPE methods, then in bands from 2013 to 2015. , and on all crops since 2016.

The development of a natural physical extraction process allows to concentrate five times more active ingredients than the artisanal method and to naturally stabilize our solutions free of microorganisms unlike artisanal products and purines.

In addition, these solutions limit fruit run-off, improve yields and quality of your products, while reducing the sensitivity to climatic stress of plants.

All of our products are used in Organic Farming.

This major innovation in the development of natural products previously reserved for artisanal use, now allows for democratization. In liquid formulation ready for use, stable, they release the user from tedious tasks of their hazardous preparation.

Mixable with all plant protection products, they reduce the potential phytotoxicity of certain mixtures and improve the quality of the spray. Absorbed by the plant whose natural defences they stimulate and they are quickly sheltered from leaching. Acting on several active sites parasites, they are not subject to the phenomena of resistance .

The dry plants used in BIOVITIS natural preparations come from a system of organic crops without pesticides, and produced on agricultural areas of low agri-food interest, which they improve the added value for the maintenance of a sustainable and landscape agriculture. Thus, ungrateful agricultural soils are of major interest.

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