A natural history...

«Our view of things depends on the angle we take. When I was a child, I grew up on a mixed and livestock farm with a scornful view of vineyards, which were much more demanding than the other crops we cared for. It was much later that viticulture opened its doors to me, letting me discover a biologically fascinating world, in which all the life sciences which I had studied with such enthusiasm at Bordeaux Sciences Agro came together to form a single purpose: delight our senses through tastings, a source of pleasure for people in every country in the world. 

Since then, I have devoted my life to understanding this sensitive, complex and malleable plant that interacts with its environment to the point of merging with it and encapsulating it in its fruit. 

I have always been in awe of nature. Throughout my career, I have sought to demonstrate that it is possible to grow vines without synthetic pesticides, using natural solutions that can fully reveal the delicate nature of vines, without distorting the terroir. Unfortunately, the excesses of the past have and continue to weigh heavily on modern-day viticulture, despite the major progress that has been made. The utopian view that a healthy plant will not be affected by attacks from parasites seemed just as excessive to me as the flood of pesticides that were poured out onto French land in particular for decades.

It was at this point that cleaner solutions emerged for the future of our planet: as early as 2010, our trials revealed the benefits of natural plant extracts in protecting vines and later other crops, while also providing solutions to practical technical challenges, such as coulure (shot berries), ripeness and drought. This led to the development of a range of natural and innovative tools to fight against the pests that cause major income loss for farmers. These tools were initially limited to a few craftsmen who were convinced by how safe they were.

We then decided to pursue recognition and development for the benefit of users concerned about their health, the environment and the technological and economic performance of their estates.

I am filled with enthusiasm and humility as I present the results of half a lifetime of work devoted to viticulture and later other crops, after the initial results and unanswered questions, in our commitment to absolute truth that can be passed on.

Since simplicity and rigour are the best drivers of human progress, our range of Natural preparations offer solutions that are both effective in terms of plant protection and easy to implement, with methods founded on scientific experiments proven in the field. 

A wide range of positive feedback on the use of BIOVITIS NATURAL EXTRACTS from throughout France has now provided answers to our questions about this form of agriculture that is forging a path for the future.»

Bertrand SUTRE