A long-standing commitment to the agroecological transition

Founded in 1997 by Bertrand Sutre, BIOVITIS has offered advice, training and innovation to promote sustainable agriculture for over twenty years. In 1999, the first tests on the use of willow bark treatments showed nearly 60% effectiveness in treating mildew on vines. For over ten years, the recipe was entrusted to Bordeaux winegrowers to reduce the use of pesticides.

In 2011, the “nettle war” placed these solutions at the centre of regulatory concerns and in 2013 BIOVITIS joined forces with ITAB (The Organic Food and Farming Institute) to complete the application for authorization to use this basic substance, which was granted in July 2015. Further efforts in partnership with ITAB resulted in the authorization and expansion of the use of plants to protect vines, grains, fruit trees and market gardens crops.

In 2010, at the request of customers who were aware of the environmental issues of the time, BIOVITIS implemented a vast experimental plan in accordance with good experimental practices (GEP) aimed at measuring the effectiveness of around twenty plants for the protection and biostimulation of vines. From 2010 to 2015, the increase in technical references provided the knowledge needed to develop a coherent and effective product range.

In 2016, this innovation dynamic led to the development of Natural preparations as an alternative to pesticides for viticulture, arboriculture, grains, horticulture and market gardening.

We managed to convince agriculture professionals seeking credible pesticide alternatives thanks to tests demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions in the field, the irreproachable quality of our production processes, and our seamless logistics.

The enthusiastic response to our plant extracts and their growing success highlight the current agricultural transformation.

Over 30,000 hectares of crops have been treated with our solutions, resulting in an annual treatment frequency index (TFI) reduction of nearly 15,000, the replacement of hazardous materials with High Environmental Value (HEV) products, reduced amounts of copper, and organically enhanced efficiency.

BIOVITIS’s natural preparations are currently distributed throughout France’s winegrowing regions and in Europe, thanks to our network of distributor partners.


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