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Our basic substances are produced by means of hot infusions or decoctions with the selected plants. They are listed in Appendix I of the European regulation 1107/2009, translated as NATURAL EXTRACTS (low-risk natural substances) in French law. They have therefore been officially authorized for use in crop protection. 

  • Willow bark infusion - Salix spp cortex:

Our willow bark infusion, with its high concentration of active ingredients (salicylic acid, polyphenols, etc.), stimulates plants’ natural defences against a wide range of pathogenic fungi found in vineyards (mildew, powdery mildew) and fruit trees (scab, leaf curl). It shows excellent synergy with many synthetic chemical pesticides and with natural copper and sulphur-based treatments, making it possible to decrease the doses of these treatments by 30-40%. It offers multi-site action that limits risks related to resistance to synthetic chemicals and residues on crops. The absence of additives and preservatives makes it possible to obtain a more natural product that is safe for humans and eco-friendly, in keeping with Ecophyto objectives.

Our latest trials have shown 60% effectiveness on dead arm disease (as compared to results of 65% for mancozeb and 40% for a wettable sulphur, based on 2017 trials by BIOVITIS on Sauvignon Blanc in Sauternes).

  • Horsetail decoction - Equisetum arvense: 

Field horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) is well-known for its antifungal properties for vines (mildew, powdery mildew) and fruit trees (scab, leaf curl) due to its high concentration of easily absorbable silica. It acts as an insect and acarid repellent and counteracts phenomena that adversely affects plants’ resistance. It is effective against lodging in straw cereals and helps ensure the ripening and preservation of fruit (brown rot) and grains (Fusarium wilt, ergot, common bunt, smut), thus limiting the presence of mycotoxins, which can greatly undermine optimization.

The horsetail decoction reinforces the willow bark infusion when combined, resulting in significant reductions in fungicide use, even halving the amounts in some cases. The tested horsetail decoction produced by Biovitis ensures maximum extraction for optimum quality and a product that is 100% natural.

Trials compliant with good experimental practices (GEP) conducted by Staphyt on Fusarium ear blight showed significant effectiveness of 74% after two applications.

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