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The viticultural and arboreal soils are often damaged by years of monoculture. Presence of copper, weed killers and many other chemical pollutants, compacting by the repeated passage of machines, soil works limited or absent, lack of stable humus, are all degrading factors of the soil structure and their fertility. The biological activity is thus often inhibited and the products of the market which would make it possible to restart it are all ineffective.

With ten years of research in agronomy and herbal medicine, BIOVITIS imagined a natural substance for biostimulant use composed of fermented plants: the VIVITERRE.

Rich in stable humus and microorganisms stimulating the microbial activity of the soil, VIVITERRE can revive the dynamics of mineralization to feed crops and regenerate soil structure, an essential factor of fertility.

The supply of humic acids with high binding potential makes it possible to directly create links with iron and clays to form aggregates that promote the percolation of water and the aeration of the root system, allowing an aerobic metabolism, conducive to growth, fertilization and stimulation of natural plant defenses.

The presence of natural plant extracts gives VIVITERRE stimulating qualities of root growth and crop protection systems.


The microbial fraction of VIVITERRE is used to revive the biological activity of soils essential for the mineralization of organic matter, the formation of stable humus, the mobilization of mineral elements by plants, and water supply.

In field crops conducted in agrobiology and often deficient in nitrogen, VIVITERRE allows to meet all or part of the needs of the plant by boosting the mineralization on the one hand, and by multiplying the root mesh to extract more minerals from the soil. Implantation is also improved to facilitate harrowing and reduce shedding losses.

Finally, the results of trials in culture demonstrate the agronomic interest of VIVITERRE, the only product on the market to obtain convincing results in the biostimulation of crops on the ground.

  • Cirène :

LThe marine base of this highly assimilable calcium-rich foliar fertilizer provides it with amazing fruit conservation capabilities. Diseases such as moniloses, rots, etc. are slowed in their development, both on the plant and after harvesting.

  • Mascaret :

Sulfur is a major neglected element in the crop yield and quality component. Derived from quarries and not of volcanic origin, this natural sulfur is well suited to biodynamic agriculture. The lignosulfonates which constitute its co-formulants contribute to the reduction of the climatic stress of the plants and ensure a good adhesion to the support.

  • Vivacuivre :

The Bordeaux mixture of Vivacuivre is supplemented with numerous trace elements that are involved in the enzymatic reactions of living organisms. Thus, some factors limiting the development of crops or fruit ripening are lifted, ensuring a reduction in the free nitrogen content in plants and decreasing the potential for development of parasites (Francis Chaboussou, "The sick plants of pesticides") .

  • Egg shell :

The chicken egg has a singular shape, structure and composition.

Rich in calcium and trace elements highly assimilable, it fulfills the same role as marine calcium (thickening of cell walls to prevent the penetration of fungi, healing behind wounds such as hail, osmotic regulation to fight against water stress), without degrading the maritime environment. Usable only in dusting.

  • Basalte :

Most of the cultivated soils are from forest clearings and have been eroded, leached and exploited for centuries or even millennia. Certain trace elements and rare trace elements necessary for activation of cofactors for enzymatic reactions in living organisms have disappeared. The basalt resulting from the cooling of volcanic lava from the depths, regenerates the surface of the earth in these rare useful elements.

Rich in iron, it facilitates the construction of links between clays and humus, participating in the Organo Mineral Complex (Yves Hérody, BRDA method) to restructure tired soils. Our tests also show an interesting correction of ferric chlorosis and magnesium deficiencies.

Basalt is an excellent "potentiator" of the active ingredients contained in natural plant extracts which it is perfectly complementary.

  • Solsain :

Extracts of Trichoderma Harzanium of Solsain are active against soil fungi: Armillaria, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Sclerotinia, etc. They constitute considerable losses on crops, especially since the ban on chemical soil disinfectants. The Solsain brings a remarkable efficiency including on culture in place such as tress or Vines.


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