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  • Germiterre:


For Spermatophytes, plant production always starts with the germination of a seed. The seed must therefore contain all the elements needed for the plant’s development. However, depending on the year, the growing conditions or other factors, seedling emergence and the first growth stages of the embryo can be limited, leading to potential losses in terms of yields and quality, and sensitivity to certain diseases.

Germiterre was designed by the BIOVITIS R&D team to promote all the germination stages. It contains the following:

  • A porous mineral component with a dual role of nourishment (silicon, calcium, magnesium and trace elements) and improved water retention.
  • An organic component from fermented plant infusions that promotes the start of mitosis during the initial germination and growth stages.
  • A microbiological component present in the porous part of the water retainer that maintains a healthy environment around the future seed.

This solution offers our natural technology in concentrated form.

The liquid formulation and single 1.5 litre dose for 100 kg of seeds makes it easy to coat seeds with Germiterre at the farm. We can perform this service for you on request.

  • Viviterre :

Soil used for viticulture and arboriculture is often damaged by years of single-crop farming. A wide range of factors lead to the deterioration of the soil structure and fertility, including the use of copper, weedkillers and many other chemical pollutants, soil compaction by agricultural equipment, little to no tillage, and a lack of stable humus. Biological activity is therefore often inhibited and the products on the market that claim to remedy these problems all prove ineffective when tested.

Drawing on ten years of research in agronomy and phytotherapy, BIOVITIS designed a natural substance for biostimulant use composed of fermented plants: VIVITERRE.

Rich in stable humus and microorganisms stimulating microbial activity in the soil, VIVITERRE helps restore mineralization dynamics that nourish crops and soil structure, which is a key factor for fertility.

The addition of humic acid with a high potential for binding allows for the construction of direct bonds between iron and clay to form aggregates that promote the percolation of water and aeration of the root system, which allow for aerobic metabolism that favours growth and fertilization and stimulates plants’ natural defence mechanisms.

The natural plant extracts present in VIVITERRE, including some plant hormones, boost root growth and plant defence systems.

The microbial component in VIVITERRE helps restore the biological activity in the soil required for the mineralization of organic matter, the formation of stable humus, the use of certain mineral elements by plants, and water supplies.

For field crops farmed organically and often deficient in nitrogen, VIVITERRE helps to satisfy all or part of the plant’s needs by boosting mineralization and enhancing the root system to extract more mineral elements from the soil. The roots are also strengthened to facilitate harrowing and reduce loss linked to uprooting.

Finally, the results from in-the-field trials have shown the great agricultural interest of VIVITERRE, the only product on the market to have obtained encouraging results in the biostimulation of crops in the soil.


  • High-quality plant compost :

BIOVITIS produces natural preparations using medicinal plants selected for their concentration in active principles and absence of pesticide residues. After infusion or decoction, the solid part remaining after completion of our process is composted to produce Dulciterre, which is 100% plant-based, 100% natural and 100% approved for use in organic agriculture.

DULCITERRE lets you benefit from all the valuable compounds of several plants with recognized properties in a high-quality compost that is ready to spread. Suitable for use in biodynamic agriculture.

The initial heating step in the infusion/decoction process ensures the absence of pathogens to ensure the safety of your terroir.

Whether you want to achieve stable humus or promote root system development during planting or vine replacement, DULCITERRE ensures the success your crops deserve thanks to the eco-friendly methods used throughout the entire production process.

Join BIOVITIS in our commitment to zero waste with DULCITERRE

  • Eggshell:

Chicken eggs have a unique shape, structure and composition. Rich in absorbable calcium and trace elements, they provide the same benefits as calcium of marine origin (thickening of cell walls to prevent the penetration of fungi, facilitates healing after damage caused by hail, osmoregulation to withstand water stress), all without damaging the marine environment. Usable in powder form only.

When applied preventively during hot weather, egg shells reduce the risk of fruit scald and mix well with sulphur powders.

  • Basalt :

Most agricultural soil was originally cleared forestland that has become eroded and washed out, having been farmed for hundreds or even thousands of years. As a result, certain rare trace elements needed to activate cofactors involved in the enzymatic reactions of living things have disappeared. Basalt obtained from the cooling of volcanic lava from the depths of the earth can replenish its surface with these rare and valuable elements.
Rich in iron, it facilitates bonds between clay and humus, contributing to the formation of organo-mineral complexes (Yves Hérody, BRDA method) to restore the soil structure.
Our trials have also revealed interesting corrective effects on iron-deficiency chlorosis and magnesium deficiencies.
Basalt is an excellent “potentiator” for the active ingredients in the natural extracts and therefore complements them perfectly.

Finally, it is believed to have regenerative “cosmo-telluric” properties for soil weakened by years of intensive agriculture.