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Composed of an infusion of various plants listed on list A of the pharmacopoeia and authorized by the April 2016 decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, our biostimulants comply with French law.

  • Nettle :

Better known as liquid manure, the infused nettle is distinguished by a much lower nitrogen content that does not generate excessive vigor. Its anti fungal properties are regularly revealed in our rotting trials. Its antichlorotic action on calcareous soils reflects its high concentration of iron for activated photosynthesis. It reduces the physiological flow of fruit and participates in proteosynthesis. It is therefore an excellent plant stimulant, without excess.

  • Arguin :

Arguin is the result of a long internal reflection and many field tests. It brings a reduction of the physiological and climatic flow, as well as the stimulation of the natural defenses of the plants to fight against many diseases. Its biostimulant effect is also characterized by regularity conferred to the budding and growth of plants, without excess, with a reduction of climatic stresses. It has an insect repellent effect.

Curative actions on declared mildew attacks could be observed in culture.

  • Pyla :

The second complex biostimulant in the range, Pyla improves the color (anthocyanins, flavones) and quality of fruits (sugars, aromas, polyphenols ...), while stimulating the natural defenses of plants against diseases such as: late blight, powdery mildew, botrytis, monilia, scab, rusts, bacterioses, etc.

It improves the earliness during maturation and promotes aromatic expression.

  • Bernet :

The first biostimulant against scalding of fruits, the Bernet draws its effectiveness from three major physiological effects specific to the selected plant extracts:

  • Stimulation of root growth that allows better use of soil water,
  • The optimization of stomatal regulation which avoids unnecessary losses of water,
  • The synthesis of heat shot proteins that protect the plant against extreme temperatures.

Its effectiveness reaches 65% against "heat stroke" and other forms of scalding fruit.

It is the first effective natural solution against this major phenomenon that affects more and more regions and cultures that are poor in the face of global warming.

  • Altercerealis :

The reduction of phytosanitary products into cereals has become unavoidable as consumers become more demanding about the products they consume daily.

Biological control against pests of cereal crops is delicate, improbable, and often a source of significant yield loss, in addition to the risk of developing undesirable carcinogenic mycotoxins. ALTERCEREALIS has been formulated to provide fungal protection on major cereal diseases by stimulating plants or strengthening their cell walls to better resist aggressors.

Its osmoregulating role reduces the risk of scalding grains, and participates in obtaining the yield.


The viticultural and arboreal soils are often damaged by years of monoculture. Presence of copper, weed killers and many other chemical pollutants, compacting by the repeated passage of machines, soil works limited or absent, lack of stable humus, are all degrading factors of the soil structure and their fertility. The biological activity is thus often inhibited and the products of the market which would make it possible to restart it are all ineffective.

With ten years of research in agronomy and herbal medicine, BIOVITIS imagined a natural substance for biostimulant use composed of fermented plants: the VIVITERRE.

Rich in stable humus and microorganisms stimulating the microbial activity of the soil, VIVITERRE can revive the dynamics of mineralization to feed crops and regenerate soil structure, an essential factor of fertility.

The supply of humic acids with high binding potential makes it possible to directly create links with iron and clays to form aggregates that promote the percolation of water and the aeration of the root system, allowing an aerobic metabolism, conducive to growth, fertilization and stimulation of natural plant defenses.

The presence of natural plant extracts gives VIVITERRE stimulating qualities of root growth and crop protection systems.


The microbial fraction of VIVITERRE is used to revive the biological activity of soils essential for the mineralization of organic matter, the formation of stable humus, the mobilization of mineral elements by plants, and water supply.

In field crops conducted in agrobiology and often deficient in nitrogen, VIVITERRE allows to meet all or part of the needs of the plant by boosting the mineralization on the one hand, and by multiplying the root mesh to extract more minerals from the soil. Implantation is also improved to facilitate harrowing and reduce shedding losses.

Finally, the results of trials in culture demonstrate the agronomic interest of VIVITERRE, the only product on the market to obtain convincing results in the biostimulation of crops on the ground.

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