Using plants in the vineyard: Natural preparations (NATURAL EXTRACTS), new protection and biostimulation solutions for crops.

        • How can they be used?

        • What are the effects?

        • How should they be implemented?

Industry : Viticulture, arboriculture, field crops, market gardening, gardens, green spaces, infrastructure, etc.

Duration  of training: 4 hours

Audience : 
-    Technical managers
-    Technicians, sales representatives
-    Farmers and winegrowers
-    Vineyard employees

Trainers (one of the following trainers): 
-    Maxime Timante
-    Paul Jardin
-    Louis Kapola
-    Bertrand SUTRE

Method : Classroom presentation (PowerPoint and video)

Location :  at our facilities or in-company by request

Learning objectives: become familiar with Natural preparations (NATURAL EXTRACTS: technical and regulatory aspects, manufacturing, integration into a programme, precautions) and understand their practical agricultural uses in the field.

Programme :


The NATURAL EXTRACTS: valuable tools to support the agroecological transition in viticulture

Definitions & regulations (French and EU):

Plant protection products, biocontrol products
Fertilizer, biostimulants
NATURAL EXTRACTS: basic substances and natural substances for biostimulant use

Production methods:

Specific technical characteristics
Infusions / decoctions / slurries

Modes of action:
Crop protection effects

Biostimulating effects
Anti-stress effects

Technical results :

Results from BIOVITIS experiments in the field
Integration into a standard treatment programme by crop


Practical exercise

Open discussion with others in the room