Biovitis: distribution, integrated pest management for organic farming in Bordeaux

The best-before dates for Natural preparations produced by BIOVITIS have been set at 18 months following official food industry tests conducted by a laboratory specialized in microbiology, in compliance with COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation) methodology.

They can be extended to 21 and 24 months by means of successive 3-month extensions based on microbiological analysis of the batch in question conducted at the BIOVITIS laboratory in Andernos. To benefit from this service, please send us a sample from an identified batch in its original, unopened packaging. The sample should be representative of the volume in question. We will provide you with the results within 72 hours of receipt. If the results are negative (no microbial growth present), we will send you adhesive labels for the BIBs to certify this extension.

Please note that the best before- date cannot exceed 24 months for food-related uses, in accordance with the best-before dates for the BIB packaging used for our plant extracts. However, this does not prevent you from using them for agricultural purposes after this date.